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1 MEDJUGORJE AND THE CROSS on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:44 pm


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I found this interesting story today. Our Lady of Medjugorje had many surprises in store for this husband and wife. Only our Lady can convince a husband.. (wink).. Is there ever a dull moment being a Catholic?

Interesting to note: Did you know John Leary and his wife went to Medjugorje a few times?

It was after being there, Our Lady of Medjugorje changed his life, too. That is, he was given the gift of prophecy. He still practices the 5 stones of Medjugorje, but adds 1 hour daily, 6 days a week in prayer, in Eucharistic Adoration.

God bless you. rose


It was in the spring of 2001 where my husband Dan and I were preparing to leave on a trip to Ireland and Medjugorje. We had arrived at Shannon Airport in Ireland and checked into our hotel. The next few days consisted of day trips to places we had listed on our itinerary. This included a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock. From there we visited Christina Gallagher’s “ House of Prayer “ on Achile Island where we attended Easter Sunday Mass. Two days later we were on a plane heading for Medjugorje.

We had heard about Medjugorje from a number of people we knew. Some had already had the privilege of going there on a Pilgrimage some years earlier. We had talked about making a trip ourselves but had never really settled on just when that would occur. Upon our arrival in Medjugorje, we settled in with our host family where we would be staying with for the next few days. We did everything that all people on Pilgrimages do….attend daily Mass, pray the rosary, visit Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, view the dancing and spinning of the Sun, listen to talks and so on. It was a great time and we thoroughly enjoyed each day we were there. After a Spirit-filled week we found ourselves once again on a plane returning home. The days seem to have gone by so quickly. I promised myself that I would return someday as there was something there that was drawing me back. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I would be back.

Upon my return from our trip, I was attending a Friday morning Mass and I was deeply moved and inspired to erect a cross on our property. I had no idea at the time what type it would be only that I knew Jesus and our Blessed Mother had spoken to me and I was deeply moved by what my heart was feeling. It was during the consecration and after having receiving our Lord in the Eucharist did I become very emotional and knew from that day on that God and the Blessed Mother had plans for us. I have to also include St. Joseph in all of this as he played a major role in us ending up where we are today. We had sold our home almost 3 years earlier so we could live in the country and have some land and raise animals. We wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible and live a life of being close to the land and being good steward’s of the land that he so graciously entrusted to our care. A life-long dream had finally come true and we knew God has other plans for us.

One day as I was looking at and reading some articles in a magazine that I borrowed from my Aunt, I came across a story about the Glorious Cross of Dozule which originated in Normandy, France. This was also a place of my ancestors which made the article even more interesting. I was so fascinated by the story that I thought to myself – could it be possible this is the Cross. After reading about the size and weight of it (it stands 24 ft tall, has 8 ft long arms and weighs 1000 lbs) I rejected the notion thinking where could someone acquire something of this size or how does one go about attempting to build one. Months went by and this was on my mind constantly.

One day after attending Mass, my Mother approached me and asked me if I would go to Medjugorje with her. This was less than 5 months after my husband and I had returned from our trip. Without hesitation I said, Yes, I would go. This time I knew the Blessed Mother was calling me back for a reason. The first trip was for my purification and now this return trip I was to be filled with the love and graces from God to be able to complete the mission he had planned for us.

On my second trip I had met a lady who was in our group. She came up to me one evening and handed me a small wooden cross. It was a replica of the Glorious Cross ….about six inches in height and made to scale of the real one. She said this is for you. I was so touched by her generosity and knew than that God had sent her to me. A total stranger and she comes up to me with a beautiful small wooden cross. What could this mean?

A few days later our group was having diner and I was sitting next to our director of the pilgrimage and she spoke to me with very profound words. She said…. You are going to erect a Cross on your property. I nearly fainted with those words. I asked her “ will it be the Glorious Cross of Dozule “ and she responded by saying… you will know when the time comes. Tears of joy came streaming down my face. This was the confirmation that Jesus and our Blessed Mother were speaking to me through these people. It was at that moment I knew I had a mission to fulfill and that God’s plan was starting to unfold. Now all I had to do was come home and convince my husband what I wanted to do as he knew nothing of what was going on.

I prayed and asked Jesus and our Blessed Mother for their help. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to convince Dan about my dream. When I first approached him sometime after having returned home in late October of 2001, he was reluctant at first but finally said he would give it some thought and would let me know in the spring. I said “ in the spring “. No, I wanted to do this now, not in the spring. It has to be put up this fall and can’t wait. By this time it was early November and hunting season would be starting within a week. That meant I wouldn’t be able to do anything for at least 3 weeks and by then we would be in December. A few days later, Dan had shot a deer on our property and one night while cutting up the deer, I asked him again if he would consider my request for the cross. With a bit of hesitancy in his voice he conceded and said… “ if you want the cross you’ll have to ask your Mother for the money “.

You have no idea how scared I got after hearing those words but knew if this was part of God’s plan, he would see to it that it would come to fulfillment. My Father who had passed away 11 years before also had spoken to me and said “: Ask your Mother in my memory and for all the deceased members of our family “. I finally got up the nerve to ask my Mother and when I had mentioned to her that Dad had spoken to me, it touched a very soft spot in her heart. As quickly as I said yes to her request to return to Medjugorje with her, she said yes to my request for the money for the cross. I couldn’t believe it. All we needed to do now was consider where to erect it. We decided on a small hill behind our farm overlooking a beaver pond. It was now the week of Thanksgiving. We got family members together and started cutting trees and clearing away brush.

In the meantime, I had made contact with a gentleman in Canada that makes the crosses by hand and told him of our plans. He said he was finishing a cross for a customer and didn’t think he would be building any more this year. He suggested to call him back in a couple of weeks after we had our land cleared and he would consider it. I phoned him back on a Tuesday and he advised the one he was working on, the party had cancelled the order and that he could be down on Friday morning to install it. Isn’t it amazing how God works in our lives. It was like this particular cross was meant for us. He can work in very mysterious ways and very quickly when things are done in his name. The cross arrived on Friday, December 14th.

That day we set up the cement forms for the foundation and poured it later that afternoon. That night we received about 6 inches of snow and the next day we had to borrow a 4-wheel drive tractor with a loader to get up the small hill and raise it in place. With everyone’s help things went according to plan and our cross was in place.

Fortunately the ground had not froze yet which in itself was a miracle as being located in Northwestern Vermont normally it would have been. On December 20th, we dug a trench with a small excavator to lay the electrical line so that the lights of the cross come on every evening and stay lit all night and goes off automatically at daylight. The next day we had an electrician come over and hook up all the wires with the censor which controls it to come on and off automatically.

Now the cross was up and complete. All that was left to be done was have our parish priest bless it with holy water and say special prayers which he did after Sunday Mass on December 23rd. We couldn’t ask for a more appropriate Christmas gift that year. We have been so richly blessed by all the gifts that have been given to us by being faithful and listening to God when he speaks to us through his Blessed Mother. These are the graces we receive in Medjugorje. The cross has brought us closer to Jesus and knowing the heavy cross he carried for our sins we now have to carry our own crosses with him.

The cross has cleansed our souls. The cross has filled our lives with love. The cross has protected us from all evils and has watched over our property. The cross is the light of Jesus coming in glory.

Dan & Cecile Beauregard


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Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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Thank you and God bless you Cyndi for posting this on the Dozule Cross... the story is prophetic and awesome... Yes, Our Lady will guide us to what we are to do for Jesus...!

Yes, I did know that John Leary had been to Medjugorje... this is where he received his first vision and message at the Adoration Chapel...


“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion…"
..Mother Teresa

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Thank you Cyndi,

A very touching story. When I was in Medjugorge, one of the most peaceful places was at the Blue Cross that Ivan built. It was a very simple wooden cross surrounded by barbed wire. I reached between the barbs and cut my arm retrieving a stone and some soil. I guess the barbed wire was there for folks like me to keep their hands off but Ivan erected this simple Blue Cross on the very spot where Our Lady first appeared to the visionary children so I couldn't keep my hands off. It now seems appropriate to erect a simple blue cross on my property, sprinkle some Medjugorje soil around it and place that beautiful stone beneath it. We are so blessed to have our Catholic Faith.....Pray, Pray, Pray...Our Lady of Medjugorje...The Queen of Peace.


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Steven I'm so glad you shared your story..you really are full of surprises.. Guess what? I'm currently building a 2' white and blue cross for my front yard, too. (Our Lady's colors + my grandmother's influence (wink) By the way, my Grandmother was buried in blue and white colors in honor of Our Lady.. I'm lauging at the timing and coincidence of our stories.. Yesterday I bought the paint from Home Depot. The blue color from Home Depot is named (Isle of Capri Deep) Satin Enamel.. thumbsup

Oh and yes.. I was also given a rock from Medjugorje that my friend was not suppose to pick up either. (lol)...Now I'm going to place the rock underneath the cross that was given to me from my friend. Catholics are so obedient!!! ..


Linda thank you so much for introducing me to John Leary. He's authentic; I'm now convinced. I think it's amazing that he was given the vision of prophecy in the Chapel in Medjugorje by Our Lady. We just never know what Our Lady is going to do with an open heart surrendering to Her. Let's keep saying, "Yes!" Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. grouphug

Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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grouphug Hey, what can I say, I'm a bit obsessed with the Glorious Cross of Dozule... I don't think it is a coincidence that we are discussing it right now... I just learned about it a couple of months ago and now I see how it is connected in so many ways to Our Lady's places of apparitions and to Heavens messengers, etc... Every where I turn, I find another bit of information regarding this Miraculous Cross... first from Dozule France, then with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Medjugorje, etc... something tells me that this Cross has Great Significance... yes, blue is Our Lady's color, that's why I post everything in "blue."


“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion…"
..Mother Teresa

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May I jump into this too. Boy Linda,Cyndy and Mary your e-mail make me laugh so hard I almost go kick out of library.
the cat, the doctor and the picture. thank you very much.

here what I found

Dozule =in Hebrew means: The door that one refuses to God.
History and information guide

A-The Seer: Madeleine
Dozule is a city in Normandy situated 25km from CAEN and LISIEUX, France. The Christ appeared to a privileged person named Madeleine AUMONT and dictated a message meant for the Church, which was then to make it known to the entire world.

“I am nothing. I’m simply a mother of five children, a person who didn’t even have the Faith before… twice a grandmother.”

This is how Madeleine Aumont introduces herself. She was born on October 27, 1924 at Putot, in Auge, France. She is an ordinary woman and taught catechism in her parish. She is the main witness of the message, the essential part of which can be summed up in a few words: To raise up a Cross to come repent there, and a worldwide sanctuary of Reconciliation. “

B- 1972-1978: Messages from Jesus.

“Dozule is now a blessed and sacred city. You are living the time of the supreme effort of evil against the Christ. Satan is unleashed from his prison, and occupies the face of the earth… Tell the Church to renew its message of Peace to the entire World, for the hour is grave. Satan is seducing minds, and rendering them capable of destroying humanity. If humanity does not oppose him, I will allow him to act and it will be a catastrophe… and this before the end of the century. All who will have come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross will be saved. Satan will be destroyed, only Peace and Joy will remain…If man does not raise up the cross I will make it appear but there will be no more time left.

After these days of distress, the Son of Man Himself will appear in the heavens with great Majesty and great power, to gather together the elect from the four corners of the earth… In truth I tell you, the heavens and earth will pass but my words will not. “

My message should not sleep in the corner of a drawer, but should be truth and light for the entire world… Rejoice, rejoice unceasingly in the Lord… Always be joyful, do not lament over the general cataclysm of this generation, for all this must come to pass. But behold what is appearing in the sky, the sign of the Son of Man…”

C-1983: the book of Father Manceaux from M.S.M. (Mouvement Sacerdotal Marial)

The reverend Father Manceaux, a theologian, has analyzed the message transmitted to Madeleine in detail: 17 citations made in liturgical Latin (Madeleine didn’t know any Latin). On June 29, 1983, Father Manceaux died. On August 15, 1983 his book appeared called "Dozule, the Glorious Return of the Son of Man.”

Those who know the Bible well can easily notice that numerous words in the Message are implicit citations from the Holy Scriptures. 120 have been identified. It is an evident proof of authenticity that was given as a “unique sign from God”: “The only visible sign is the attitude of this servant and her words, that are words from God, and these words are irrefutable.”

Even more surprising are 17 citations in Latin of which 11 are implicit citations from the Gregorian liturgy.

The Feasibility of the CROSS

Professional organizations have worked and continue to work on the feasibility of the Cross since 1993.

D- 1985 the Church’s Position.

1985-the ordinance of the Bishop only contains interdictions… Cardinal Ratzinger councils “following up this affair with the same prudent vigilance,” However nothing was said about the witnesses, nor the seer, nor the messages.

Father Curty: exorcist, MSM

“ It is known that the mystery of Dozule has not yet been recognized by the Church in its official and hierarchical authority (we should note that Rome who is Peter, has not taken any position on this subject and following the usual custom leaves it up to the bishop of the place to take his responsibilities). But Dozule has been recognized by the simple people, the humble, those devoted to the Virgin and the little ones who are also to be considered as the Church in route.”

. But faced with this evident and indisputable truth, the Church through its recent Vatican Council, wanted to remind the simple faithful –the lay people- of their mission of co-responsibility in the Church, in service to the bishops. And it has reaffirmed (for this is not new, even if forgotten) the prerogatives of the Liberty of the Conscience, in such a way that no one can be compelled to act against his conscience, in private as well as in public, alone or associated with others.”

. In fact, as for the recognition by the Church (which is hierarchy according to the Council of Trent, and is the people of God according to Vatican II), it is important to distinguish, and thus to admit two sorts of recognition, or two degrees in the same recognition, that of the people of God, that is to say the crowd of the humble, the little ones, who don’t ask so many questions but go straight to the Lord and to the Virgin when they have recognized them in the simplicity of their heart. And when the faith of the humble is nourished with the Gospel and draws its sap from the liturgical prayer of the Church, there is nothing to fear, for intuitively they are able to discern that which comes from the Spirit and that which comes from the evil one” (p. 257 from the 2nd vol. Of JNSR).

No ecclesiastical permission is needed to publish revelations, visions and miracles or to visit the places of currently unrecognized apparitions.

Decree of abrogation approved by his Holiness Paul VI on October 14, 1966.

E-1990-1995: J.N.S.R.
At Dozule nothing has been done. Jesus reminds us through new messages to J.N.S.R., a new messenger, forming three works WITNESSES OF THE CROSS, messages of life.

“I’m asking you to wake up. You alone can chase away evil from your possessed bodies and dominated spirits: you are covered up with the mantle of evil. I can still save you. Wake up. Come back to God, throw yourselves into His arms. It is God who created you. I’m only waiting for your cry of Love, “Come Lord Jesus”. Little children of the entire world, all of you, pray on your knees with my saints and angels. All of you, take up the Holy Rosary of my Dear Mother. She is before you to show you the way. She has promised all her sons to deliver everyone with the Cross on your Hearts… You have all been warned. The Lord has used his goodness and patience to make known to the world that which is about to happen. All of you are concerned by this, it is for all... Prayerful groups are the only hope, for among men of tumult there is but nothingness. Men amuse themselves by disturbing the conscience of little ones and ask them to believe in false gods and follow false prophets…

I can no longer stand their false teachings, their false predictions. It is time to stop this nauseating river. You no longer know how to love one another; by rejecting your souls, you have rejected me. I am Love, come to Me… announce me everywhere, for I love my children to call out to me. During this time of waiting, pray and keep watch…”

F- 1996- Father l’Horset, the first witness of the apparitions, breaks the silence

Different things have been related concerning what one might call the Dozule event. At the request of several people, and my hierarchical superiors having given me the freedom to do so, I have decided to publish my testimony… First of all, I don’t see why anyone would contest the Lord’s having chosen Dozule. God is free in His choice of persons and places. If He has chosen Dozule to manifest his presence, if he has chosen a humble mother of a family to make a messenger of her, it is not our business to ask him to give an account of his reasons. If Dozule, Lourdes, La Salette or Fatima have become sacred lands, it is simply because the Christ or the Virgin have manifested their presence there through free grace… If He wants to gather crowds in Sanctuaries in these places He has chosen, why not? Otherwise, one must suppress all the sanctuaries and places of pilgrimage which dot the land of France and the world.

His book: “Dozule’ published by Editions Guibert is of primary importance. In addition it gives the messages of Jesus to Madeleine.
The prophecies: pages 195-6
Compare with the messages of J.N.S.R.
“and if instead of calculating in meters, I calculated in centimeters”

G-1997- The fourth book of J.N.S.R.-preface by Father Curty (Editions Guibert)
Jesus is now asking for thousands of crosses

“You will build them to one hundredth of the size (of the Glorious Cross) on medium high places, for my cross of 738 meters must dominate all crosses, for my Holy Glorious Cross is RESURRECTED JESUS. I will see these crosses coming up like voices that are calling to me.

In honor of my Holy Mother, I desire these two colors, white and blue, for my very Holy Mother is at the foot of the cross. On Golgotha, she was standing before He who was Crucified out of Love. She is the white rose of purity that carries in itself, Faith, Hope and Charity. She has filled up her veil, blue like the sky, with all her holy graces, and at each cross she will deploy it over her children.

If anyone asks you why all these crosses, why so many crosses, you will say to them:

My Lord told me I was to transmit this message of love to you so that the memory of the redemption of the world by Jesus Christ reign in this world… and that by looking at the light of my Holy Glorious Cross you be healed of the serpent’s bite that is tearing apart your souls…

H-the Father Curty-Exorcist

In this revelation concerning Dozule, people have let themselves be overcome by the truly surprising greatness of the work demanded, which constitutes in itself a true exploit in this century which so loves the sensational: the building of a monumental cross of 738 meters high (technically feasible)… These MESSAGES OF LIFE are destined to be read and meditated as if addressed to the reader himself, over and beyond the messenger, for Jesus wants to talk to the heart of each of us in order to move through his tenderness our wounded and parched hearts.
It is thus indeed Jesus who speaks to the soul, especially to make it warm again…a work of the prayer of adoration and friendship in view of having a more intimate relation with Jesus.


In the preface of the first and second books of JNSR, the Father Curty analyses with precision “the end of times”.

What should one do in case of conflict?
If the competent authority is opposed to recognizing a fact that the humble consider to be supernatural, or even deny its divine origin whereas simple souls recognize in it the hand of God, what should one do?

The priests owe obedience to the local bishop, the lay people are totally free.

If one does not believe in this or that apparition or in the divine origin of the message and one is not the bishop, it is better to keep quiet and hold one’s peace, as Gamaliel invited in the Acts of the Apostles V, 34 and following.

I-Dozule-the Crowning of Other Signs
When one reads the different messages from heaven coming from Jesus and Mary throughout the world, one always finds the same counsels for prayer and penance, the same announcements of the end of times in so many different ways so as to touch our hearts. But Dozule will be the GREAT SIGN announced everywhere.

Here are four certain facts:

Saint Therese of Lisieux; “…I would like to go throughout the earth and plant on its unfaithful soil, your Glorious Cross.”

Mary with the MSM of Don Gobbi: “Satan dreads nothing as much as that: the army of my priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and completely abandoned to Me…there is no longer any time for useless discussions, nor gossip and projects. It is only time for prayer. The LUMINOUS CROSS, that will spread from the East to the West and that will appear in the sky, will be the sign of the return of Jesus in Glory. 4/1/1994.”

Books of reference:
Mr. L’Abbe l’Horset, Cure de Dozule: “Dozule, the unedited narrative of the First Witness” (Dozule, recit inedit du premier temoin) published by Editions F-X Guibert. A key book that might be offered to priests and religious.
The book of Father Manceau (MSM): “The Glorious Return of the Son of Man”

Sister FAUSTINE IN 1938, beatified in 1994:
“… now I am prolonging the time of my mercy, but unhappy are those who don’t recognize the time of my visit…all light in the heaven will be extinguished and there will be great darkness on the entire earth, so the sign of the Cross will show itself in the sky …will illuminate the earth.”

Martha Robin:
“a lay person, Martha Robin, through her mystical union with the passion of Jesus, reminded us how much the Glorious Cross saves all men.”

The Church celebrates the Glorious Cross on September 14th.

Luke 21-27: “And then on will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with Power and Glory…”

One should inform oneself through the true sources
Each should do what he can to inform others, to eventually plant a Cross of love.
In this case you can contact in France 011 334 91 55 20 65 or Yvette at 011 334 67 70 79 92 or else Jean-Louis at 011 334 66 81 57 76. The numbers 011 334 are what you add if calling from the U.S. If calling from France the number simply starts with 04 plus the other 8 numbers.

Most importantly, surround all these Crosses that are being raised with a cordon of Love and Prayers. We must look after these Crosses like our own children. Say the daily prayer of Dozule each day.

Perhaps one must consider living in a different way! …Jesus incites us to set up communities of life around these Crosses, islands of Grace, Love, Peace, Sharing and Prayer, not out of affinities but open to all, to the poor in particular (poor economically, spiritually or simply the lonely)- something Jesus has been asking for to Amparo in El Escorial (in Spain). Cf. Apparitions at El Escorial-Gabriel (C.R. in l’Impartial- 49600-Beaupreaum France) Such communities are appearing a little everywhere in the world.

The Daily Prayer of Dozule

JESUS OF NAZARETH triumphed over death. HIS REIGN IS ETERNAL! He is coming back to defeat the World and Time.
Have mercy my GOD, on those who blaspheme You, they know not what they do.
Have mercy my GOD, because of the scandal of the world, deliver them from the spirit of Satan.
Have mercy my GOD, on those who flee you, give them the taste of the Holy Eucharist.
Have mercy my GOD, on those who will come to repent at the foot of the GLORIOUS CROSS, may they find peace and Joy in GOD our Savior
Have mercy my GOD, on those who persecute you today even more than yesterday. Pour your mercy into human hearts.
Have mercy, my GOD so that YOUR REIGN come, but save them, while there is still time… for the time is near and behold I’M COMING. Amen.


Pray one decade (l Pater, 10 Ave) (1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys)

LORD, spread over the entire world the treasures of your Infinite Mercy.

Jesus promises that each household that says this prayer every day with great trust will be protected from all cataclysms and that He will pour His DIVINE MERCY into hearts.

Promise made by Jesus Himself to his Instrument on March 28, 1975 at Dozule.

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Wow, thank you Roonie for posting this... I stand on what I said above, there is something very significant about this Cross... Awesome! thumbsup


“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion…"
..Mother Teresa

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Roonie it is good to see you here. If it's God's will, I would like to build up the Medjugorje section here b/c truly my heart is in Medjugorje..but I wouldn't know how to do it.. As you know we almost added the title Medjugorje to Our Lady for Life. Regardless, I think you and Steven have a good testimony to Our Queen of Peace, Our Lady of Medjugorje. This is not to imply other's who've been to Medjugorje don't, or likewise, those who haven't been there.

All's I know is that all the people I've met via internet - who've been to Medjugorje offer something different I don't have ..it's difficult to describe 'this peace I see in them in which they try to protect.' The peace is attractive. It's helping my soul to slowly convert by contemplating Our Lady of Medjugorje's messages and esp. increase praying the rosary for peace in my life, family, w/ my neighbor and in the world, throughout the day.

The death of the abortionisti, Dr. George Tiller was a wake-up call for me and ultimately a mini judgment + conversion experience for me.. How more effective would've it been for me to spend time praying for his soul instead of spending time criticizing him? My heart weeps knowing souls are lost. Hell is real. I'm not implying his soul is lost.

Embedding John Michael Talbot's music was the ultimate conversion experience in my heart..to want to aim for Medjugorje's peace. Because here all this time..I thought I was being peaceful w/ my words and topics of discussion and I wasn't.. Sad ..If anything - in ignorance - my weakness encouraged discussion which lead to division, not unity which leads to peace...and I'm very sorry.

Today, on the day of Our Lady of Grace, I decided to also build and will erect a blue cross in my front yard, in honor of Our Lady of Medjugorje. My deceased father (may his soul rest in peace) always told me while others would see something ugly, I could point to him the beauty in it - I could even find beauty in a very ugly rock and show it to him. That statement may've been true for some time, I do think a father can see something in a child that's 'different', but I took his compliment for granted.

I believe Our Lady of Medjugorje has a very peaceful approach to a world gone wild and being a messenger of peace is a very effective way to save souls. John Michael Talbot's fine music is one of the holiest gentlest examples - a peaceful approach which converts souls..


Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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