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Bishop Finn Interviewed on Notre Dame Commencement

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God alway bring out the Truth. We will see it soon.
Glory to God in the Highest

"Is President Obama’s call to work together in reducing unintended pregnancies a new way to find common ground?

I fear that the specific way that the President frames this in terms of “reducing unintended pregnancies” is through the promotion of Planned Parenthood and contraceptive services. The President has supported the Prevention First Act bill that’s going forward. This is not about abstinence education. This is about promoting contraception and giving Planned Parenthood a huge blank check. If Catholics don’t see a problem with this then I don’t think they understand the threat it represents to the meaning of marriage, to fidelity, to chastity, to the very sanctity of human life and intimate love."

Remember that God brought out the truth about contraception, thanks God that the church stand on they believe.

for the full interviewed http://catholickey.blogspot.com/2009/05/bishop-finn-interviewed-on-notre-dame.html


God alway bring out the Truth. We will see it soon.
Glory to God in the Highest

Amen! :smilepope:

Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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