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So, How it was !the news about Mirjana apparition and Fr Jozo canceling of his talk to pilgrimages

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Current Newsletter
February 2009 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail
Febuary 18, 2009

Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1 - On Febuary 2nd, Mirjana Soldo received her monthly apparition privately, as always for the month of February, while she was in Italy. After the apparition she shared the following message, “Dear children! With a motherly heart, today I desire to remind you of, [and] namely to draw your attention to, God’s immeasurable love and the patience which ensues from it. Your Father is sending me and He is waiting. He is waiting for your open hearts to be ready for His works. He is waiting for your hearts to be united in Christian love and mercy in the spirit of my Son. Do not lose time, children, because you are not its master. Thank you.”

The Bishop of Mostar requested from Sister Elvira that the apparitions of the 2nd day no longer take place at the Community of the Cenacolo. Therefore, according to Mirjana, the coming apparition of March 2nd will take place at her home. She still doesn’t know where her yearly apparition of March 18th will be held.

2 - Saint John of the Cross is the Heavenly companion (Patron Saint) for Children of Medjugorje for 2009! The intention for us is to “pray to God that He may give us holy priests and holy spiritual guides.” I am reminded that shortly before he died, Pope John Paul II encouraged the faithful to return to the great Christian Mystics and Doctors of the Church. In particular he mentioned St. John of the Cross, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila and the Little Flower (See PS1). Making friends with them will be a great source of healing for all of us, especially those who are so saturated with the media’s empty blabber to the point that we have lost touch with the splendid vocation of our souls in the Creator’s plan. The Gospa expressed this same desire for us when she asked her prayer groups to: “Read the lives of Saints!” Children too have a special affinity for the beauty of the Saints. If parents could nurture their children with such examples, they would grow up immune to the inner void that causes so much damage among youths!

3 - My assistant Rosie and I have just returned from a great mission to Egypt, South Africa and Mauritius! What joy it was for us to bring the messages of Our Lady to people who were all ears and received each one of Mary’s words as treasures bestowed on them. Their eagerness to put the messages into practice deeply touched us, as did their enthusiasm to continue their apprenticeship under Our Lady, starting in their own countries. Our all-too-brief session in Upper Egypt was particularly blessed. We were inspired by very simple people accustomed to living in communion with the Holy Family. As Tradition holds, The Holy Family took refuge in their land when fleeing from Bethlehem. In addition, Our Lady appeared on several occasions over the last few decades in the great caves of Assiut, in the Nile Valley. She appeared in front of a large congregation who were gathered in prayer. I dream to pitch my tent there for more than a few days to soak in that special air left behind by the Holy Family. We are preparing for another mission tour to Asia next month. Please keep us in your prayers!

4 - Father Jozo Zovko on Sabbatical. Some important news awaited us upon our return from Johannesburg the other day:

Here is the official letter circulated on Father’s behalf by his assistant, Mrs. Vesna Curic:

Siroki Brijeg, February 9, 2009

With this notice we desire to inform you that due to health reasons, the need for rest and recuperation, and due to the commencement of construction on Badija, Fr Jozo Zovko has asked his superiors for permission to reside outside of the Province. The Province Board approved this request.
For this reason, we are canceling all programs planned for the ensuing year. We kindly ask all our co-ordinators and co-workers, organizers of pilgrimages to Medjugorje, organizers of prayer meetings and seminars, and all Medjugorje Centers and pilgrims to respect this and not to plan or ask for a meeting with Fr Jozo during this time.
We thank you for your understanding, and united in prayer we remain yours truly in Christ.

-Vesna Cuzic-
on behalf of Fr Jozo
International God-Parenthood for the Herceg-Bosnian Child

The Lord knows why He sometimes allows a gap or a painful absence to enter into our lives – He always has a plan. Remember when Abraham renounced his son Isaac, only to bear even greater fruit for humanity? When Saint Joseph thought that he had to give up marrying Mary, it was to finally find her in a more pure and beautiful way. But he had to go through an agony so that his own heart would enlarge to match hers!

If Fr. Jozo’s absence is a painful pruning process for the pilgrims and for each one of us here, it would be good nevertheless for all of us to welcome the event with a positive attitude, not as a calamity, but rather as a gift from God Who will use it for a greater purpose. Just imagine, it is quite possible that this time of sabbatical may save Fr. Jozo’s life, and prevent him from collapsing from exhaustion without warning as Fr. Slavko did! Isn’t it also possible that a change in his life pattern may permit him to perceive other aspects of Mary’s plan for Medjugorje that he may reveal to us later on? The possibilities for why God chose this time to give Father Jozo a break are endless.

One thing we can be sure of is that if we welcome this time of trial with faith and even with gratitude, we will free the way for the Lord to harvest all its fruit, in our day and in Eternity. But if we mourn what was ours before and now seems lost, or even worse, if we attempted to blame someone for having robbed us of it, we certainly would be wasting our time and ruining God’s plan.

I’m sure that Fr. Jozo is expecting us to display an attitude of faith. Let’s make this our way to thank him for his 27 years of service to us! Let us also pray for him, and continue to study his teachings that are still available on CDs, DVDs and books at Siroki Brijeg.

Dearest Gospa, we dearly love you! In the midst of all the tribulations of this life, you are our resplendent star!

Sister Emmanuel +

(Translated from French)

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