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Feeling Betrayed? Come listen to life-giving hope, by St. Padre Pio.

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On this realm of glory, nobody escapes being betrayed from someone we trusted or who loved us. Therefore it is easy to feel trapped by short-term depression from a betrayal, after all we are human.

 If your friends do not have the capacity to know how to support you, and therefore, condescendingly command you to "move on and just get over it!", please do not listen to their advice.  

Sometimes it's better to seek a priest's counsel, or go to a doctor, or seek counseling, or talk to a spiritual director, all who can help each one of us discern the circumstances of the betrayal that leads to our short-term depression. Let us try to remember to be kind to ourselves during this time of feeling betrayed. With the help of God, He who delights over each one of us; He has the healing answer for each one of us already! He who created each one of us to live in peace, as we journey with Jesus into abundant living.

The following story is about a woman who was terribly betrayed by her fiance. She sought the help of St. Padre Pio, who worked in very mysterious ways to get her attention. St. Padre Pio was very kind, gentle, and tender towards beloved Gina Deiana, offering her hope, with the end result of living a peaceful life. -Admin

Gina Deiana was engaged to be married and was looking forward to the day of her wedding with great anticipation. Two months before the wedding, her fiancé broke up with her. He did not have the courtesy to speak to Gina in person about his decision or even to call her on the telephone. He simply left her a short note indicating that their relationship was over. Gina was devastated by his actions and sunk into a deep depression. Her sadness became so overwhelming that she lost all joy in living.

Soon after the break up, Gina happened to read an article about Padre Pio in a magazine. She had a strong desire to visit Padre Pio and so she invited her aunt to make the trip with her to San Giovanni Rotondo. They left from their home in Genova, and arrived at Padre Pio’s monastery two days later. The year was 1952. They felt fortunate to book a room in the one and only hotel in the town.

The following morning, Gina and her aunt attended Padre Pio’s early Mass. Later that day, a woman whom Gina had never seen before, approached her and said, “You are the girl whose fiancé broke up with her. Am I right about that?” “But how did you know?” Gina asked. “Padre Pio told me about you,” the woman answered. “He wants you to stay here in San Giovanni Rotondo longer than you had intended to. Also, he would like to speak to you.” “But our funds are very limited. We cannot afford to stay any longer than planned,” Gina said. “Don’t give it another thought. I will be happy to lend you the money,” the woman replied. The woman’s name was Angelina Serritelli. She was one of Padre Pio’s spiritual daughters and she went to great lengths to assist him in any way that she could.

Gina was amazed by her conversation with Angelina Serritelli. She and her aunt were strangers in the little town of San Giovanni Rotondo. No one but Gina’s mother knew about their trip. But Padre Pio obviously knew that Gina was there. He had sent Angelina to greet her. Gina called her mother in Genova and told her that she and her aunt would be staying longer than they had anticipated.

While in San Giovanni Rotondo, Gina was able to make her confession to Padre Pio. During the confession, she told Padre Pio that her fiancé had abandoned her and that she was very depressed. Although she had made an effort to get over the traumatic incident, she had not succeeded. She told Padre Pio that she had stopped receiving Holy Communion because she had been so upset.

In a fatherly way, Padre Pio counseled Gina. “Be calm,” he said. “You must try to stop thinking about your fiancé and how he betrayed you. He was not worthy of you.” Gina felt at peace for the first time in a very long time. Padre Pio spoke to her with great tenderness, almost making light of the sins that she confessed. He then gave her a picture of Jesus. On the back of the picture, he had written the words, “Let Jesus be the center of all your aspirations.” After making her confession to Padre Pio, Gina was able to put the past behind her and move forward in life.

Source: http://padrepiodevotions.org/pray-hope-dont-worry-issue-62-january-march-2015/

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