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Funeral For The Unborn

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1 Funeral For The Unborn on Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:33 am


We are honoring the body of the Child, thanking God for this life , who is equal and dignity and equal in rights.
The abortion industry flushes them down the toilet.
We honor this child - we named her Esther, and thanked God for her life.
We expose the violence of the baby. We are ready to expose it.
The abortion industry wants to hide the violence. We want to expose the botched abortion of Esther.
We are to think and act these unborn children are really human beings.We want to teach our culture what is really happening in the abortion industry.
Please spread this info.
May we be apostles of Life. God bless you.

Yes, you are welcome here! Embrace life.

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