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Golgotha: Definitely The Final Phase On Earth; By Dr. Tarek E. Chidiac © Copyright 2011

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Tarek E. Chidiac


Golgotha: the word that can only draw in our inner the awe image of the death.

Three crosses bear three bodies with bowed heads and shut eyes on yellowish faces with static expressions.
The high hands up, grabbing the nails, receive death with a victory sign.
The flesh rest on two folded knees became strong with large feet nails.          
They rest in peace, finishing great suffering of pain.

The darkness in the place can be the most daunting without the voted wind manipulating the downward hair above the headers of the governed, and the mantles of the kneeling women in front of the crosses, who looking up, with tears in their eyes, couldn’t but see a distorted image of them; the crosses became gathered in a shrill one, as a sword stitched in the land.
They stopped lamenting and crying, for one of the three crucified above predicted this fate. They were awaiting the arrival of the ladders. One of the three above, the one in the middle bears on his head a wreath of thorns, under a panel identifying him: King of the Jews. He is The Lord, and He must be released from the cross since everything has been done.  

In front of this terrible image, one has no choice but hearing the leisurely ringing of a sorrowful bell coming from so far, from nowhere. Reciprocally, after hearing that sorrowful ringing bell, one can’t be but in front of this awe image. It’s a sign of an arrival to after death. It’s an ending of a long journey on a narrow, painful road, but a unique one to Glory, on it, the Lord walked, and we are still walking after him. “Whoever does not take up his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me.” Matthew 10:38

It’s a road ascending to where light is. As the light uncovers everything and goes to everything, it is higher than everything. The walker on the road has no choice but to stare above.

© Copyright 2011: Our Lady For Life Christo-centric Reflections: Dr. Tarek E. Chidiac. All rights reserved.

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