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Has anyone seen the documentary, "Expelled"?

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1 Has anyone seen the documentary, "Expelled"? on Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:54 am


I just recently watched this documentary by Ben Stein called, "Expelled" and it contains some interesting insights in to the coorelation between scientist's beliefs in the notion of "survival of the fittest", and abortion/euthanasia.

There's a lot about Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species" that I didn't know about. Some scientists in the film admit to becoming atheists after believing in this theory. And it is a natural progression from believing in "survival of the fittest" and atheism to believing in the use of euthanasia and abortion to "better" society. The film doesn't talk a lot about abortion, it is mostly about how "Intelligent Design" is not allowed to be taught in most colleges, but it does highlight Hitler's euthanasia program to exterminate the sick and disabled and how Hitler believed in Darwin's theory.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you can watch the movie for free instantly on your computer.

Spera tiphat

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