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*Rome confirms Medjugorje investigation

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1 *Rome confirms Medjugorje investigation on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:08 pm


Vatican Forms Medjugorje Study Commission

Led by Cardinal Camillo Ruini

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 17, 2010 (Zenit.org).- The Vatican announced today that it has formed a commission to look into the phenomenon of Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where six young people have said they have had visions of Mary since the early 80s.

A short communique issued by the Vatican press office indicated that, "An international investigative commission on Medjugorje has been constituted, under the presidency of Cardinal Camillo Ruini and dependent upon the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith."

"Said commission -- made up of cardinals, bishops, specialists and experts -- will work privately, submitting the results of its work to the authority of the dicastery," added the text.

Beginning in 1981, six children of Medjugorje, a hamlet of a few houses located 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Mostar, said they had seen the Blessed Virgin on a nearby hill.

Since then, the hamlet has become part of the world circuit of pilgrimages, drawing at least 15 million people. Prayer meetings and associations of all kinds have started worldwide.

Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, noted today that initially a diocesan commission existed to investigate the apparitions.

However, given that the phenomenon went beyond the competence of the Diocese of Mostar, the bishop referred it to the episcopal conference of Yugoslavia, which no longer exists. The bishops' conference came to no conclusion with regard to the question of the supernatural nature of the phenomena.

In its statement on Medjugorje of April 10, 1991, the episcopate explained that nothing of the supernatural could be confirmed in what was happening.

It also pointed out the need to assist at the pastoral level, under the responsibility of the parish priest and the local bishop, all those who come to pray in this place.Petition

"The bishops of Bosnia and Herzegovina therefore requested that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome to take the situation into its hands," added Father Lombardi.

The answer comes with the establishment of this Commission, presided over by Cardinal Ruini, the retired Vicar for Rome and former president of the Italian episcopal conference, and made up of some 20 members.

As Father Lombardi explained today, "it is not the Commission itself that makes the decisions, the definitive pronouncements, but it offers the result of its study, its 'vote' as is referred to in technical terms, to the congregation, which will then decide on the case."

In November of last year, the archbishop of Sarajevo and president of the Bosnian episcopal conference, Cardinal Vinko Puljic, expressed the desire that the Holy See give indications "on the constitution of a commission that will follow the phenomenon, registering the contents of the apparitions and of the messages, taking into account that up to today there are more than 30,000."

Press office of Holy See reported on Wednesday, March 17th that Holy See, as a part of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, established International Commission that will be investigating phenomenon of Medjugorje. Camillo Ruini is the Chairman of Commission that was made of cardinals, bishops and experts. During the press conference in Vatican, Fr. Federico Lombardi, Director of Holy See Press Office, explained that mentioned Commission will be operating with full discretion, and that all results that will follow after long term operation, will be delivered to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Archbishop Allessandro D’Errico, Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina, gave this information to bishops of Bishop’s Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as instructed by Cardinal Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone.
Nuncio D’Errico also shared this information with all faithful at the end of Eucharistic celebration in Mostar Cathedral of Mary, Mother of the Church.
Dr.Fr. Ivan Sesar, Provincial of Franciscan Province of Herzegovina, said the following in his statement for Vecernji list, Croatian newspaper: “This is not surprise for us. We are excited about the whole matter and completely open for any kind of cooperation. Everything that happens in Medjugorje is not a secret, everything is available to public. Everybody who has good intentions and who is interested for phenomenon of Medjugorje, can personally come and see what is happening. When it comes to Franciscan Province of Herzegovina, and to this parish entrusted to Province, we are absolutely open to any kind of cooperation, and we are prepared to help them in their work by providing them every information they might need.”

March 17, 2010. Vatican confirms Pope Benedict XVI has set up an international commission to investigate the authenticity of the reported apparitions by the Virgin Mary at Medjugorje, Bosnia.

Benedict XVI has formed a commission to investigate if Our Lady truly appeared in Medjugorje, a small town in Bosnia.

The commission is part of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Cardinal Camillo Ruini will preside over the commission. Ruini is the pope’s former vicar of Rome’s diocese. Ruini goal will be to explain to the pope what’s happening at the sanctuary which has become the third most visited in Europe.

Allegedly, at least 6 people have witnessed the Virgins apparitions there since 1981. Aside from the large crowds of pilgrims who visit the sanctuary, the Vatican has not commented on the alleged apparitions, but in 1991 the local bishops said they were not aware of any supernatural apparitions.

This investigation will put an end to any doubts and it’ll be critical for the millions of pilgrims who visit this shrine every year


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