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You are My Super Bowl MVP " Tim Tebow "

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1 You are My Super Bowl MVP " Tim Tebow " on Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:11 pm

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Thanks be to God for ever.

Tim Tebow Defends Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad under Fire

College football superstar Tim Tebow is standing fast behind a pro-life ad developed by Focus on the Family and set to air on CBS on Super Bowl Sunday. Although the ad has not been released, abortion advocacy groups are already demanding that it be scrapped, since it likely features the story of how Tebow’s mother chose life when doctors were urging her abort her now-famous son.
The college football superstar, who just ended his last season quarterbacking for the Florida Gators, has been an anomaly among top-tier athletes. Tebow makes no bones about his Christian faith, his pro-life convictions , and the fact that he wants to save himself for marriage .
But Tebow’s pro-life convictions spring from an unusually personal source: back in 1987, his mother contracted amoebic dysentery while pregnant with him in the Philippines, and doctors recommended abortion. Had Pam Tebow taken that advice, Tebow fans would never have seen the football phenomenon win the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and carry the Gators to victory in two major championships.
At a Sunday press conference in Mobile, Tebow told the gaggle of reporters: "I know some people won’t agree with [the ad], but I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe, and I’m never shy about that."
"I don’t feel like I’m very preachy about it, but I do stand up for what I believe. Unfortunately in today’s society not many athletes tend to do that. So I’m just standing for something."
But Tebow’s standing for pro-life values has outraged abortion advocacy groups, who fear the effect the Focus on the Family ad could have on millions of Super Bowl viewers on Feb. 7. Tebow’s story is already credited with having influenced a number of women to choose not to abort their babies.
The Women’s Media Center has been coordinating efforts with the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority to pressure CBS, the broadcasting station hosting the Super Bowl this year, to revoke the 30-second ad called “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.”
"An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year — an event designed to bring Americans together," Jehmu Greene, president of the Women’s Media Center, told the Associated Press.
Last year, the National Football League and NBC (then broadcasting the Super Bowl) elected to nix an advertisement sponsored by the Catholic watchdog group Fidelis, which hailed the success of President Obama overcoming the difficult circumstances of his early life and featured the message "Life: Imagine the Potential."
However one pro-life group says that feminist groups’ obsession with the as-yet-unseen content of the Tebow ad highlights an abysmal ideological attitude when it comes to defending women’s rights and dignity.
“In the three and a half years that I advised FCC Chairman Kevin Martin on indecency issues, I can’t recall one time that NOW ever spoke out about the sexually graphic or misogynistic content on CBS,” Penny Nance, CEO for Concerned Women for America told LifeSiteNews.com. “I find it laughable that NOW has a problem with Tim Tebow sharing his own story. If NOW really cared about women they would stop flacking for the abortion industry and start working on behalf of women.”
Focus on the Family has dismissed the controversy over the upcoming ad.
"There’s nothing political and controversial about it,” said Gary Schneeberger, a spokesman for Focus on the Family. “When the day arrives, and you sit down to watch the game on TV, those who oppose it will be quite surprised at what the ad is all about."
With the Super Bowl set to kick off in about two weeks, CBS, which has already reviewed and approved the ad’s script, has given no indication of yanking the Tebow ad.
This article is courtesy of LifeSiteNews.com.

Jesus we trust in you.
If we have Mary, we posses everything ( St. Griel Possenti )

2 NFL Football Players Support Tim Tebow, on Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:44 pm

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Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Current and former football players are weighing in and they support the college football superstar and his family in their television commercial that will run during the Super Bowl. Focus on the Family has purchased time for an ad that will focus on how Tebow's mother Pam refused to have an abortion.

Pam Tebow was pregnant with Tim Tebow when she was on a missions trip to the Philippines and when she took heavy medication after getting dysentery her doctor suggested an abortion because the drugs could harm the baby.

She refused and Tebow has gone on to win the Heisman Trophy and lead the Florida Gators to a national championship.

As Baptist Press indicates, Christian players interviewed at the Pro Bowl expressed strong support for Tebow's family and the ad.

David Garrard, quarterback for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, applauded Tebow for standing up for his convictions.

“I applaud him for standing up for what he believes,” he said. “More people, more athletes should do the same.”

David Akers, a kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles, added that he is “definitely pro-life," had adopted a child and he supports the ad and its support for unborn children.

“They have a life,” Akers said according to BP, “and if you take that away, that’s pretty cruel. If you get into the politics of what should and shouldn't happen, I'm definitely biblically based. I think that’s creation and we shouldn't harm it.”

Heath Miller, a tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers said he appreciates how the ad, which will have the tag Celebrating Life, Celebrating Family, encourages people.

“I think Tim has every right to use every stage to tell people what he believes,” Miller said, according to BP. “He’s a football player, he can relay what he believes just as much as anyone else can.”

Seeing football players supporting the pro-life cause is nothing new.

More than two decades ago, members of the New York Giants recorded a video called Champions for Life and players on the 1987 Super Bowl champion team Phil Simms and Mark Bavaro stood up for life.

And pro-life Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner taped a television commercial for pro-life advocates in Missouri who were fighting a ballot initiative to promote killing unborn children for their stem cells for dubious research.

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Support Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad - https://www.facebook.com/TebowSuperBowlAd

Jesus we trust in you.
If we have Mary, we posses everything ( St. Griel Possenti )

3 Tim Tebow's Father Bob Tebow Talks on Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:33 am

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Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- By now, most Americans have heard about the famous Tim Tebow advertisement Focus on the Family will air during the Super Bowl. The ad reportedly features Tebow and his mother Pam and her story about how she decided against an abortion. But few people have hear Tebow's father discuss the story of Tim's birth.

As most people know, Pam Tebow got sick with dysentery while on a missions trip to the Philippines and her doctors suggested she consider an abortion because of the medication she was taking while pregnant with Tim.

She refused, gave birth, and son Tim led the Florida Gators to a national championship and won the Heisman Trophy.

During a time with slightly less national attention focus on his family, Bob Tebow talked with Sports Illustrated about his son's famous birth story.

"Have you heard the story of Timmy's birth?" he told the magazine.

"When I was out in the mountains in Mindanao, back in '86, I was showing a film and preaching that night. I was weeping over the millions of babies being [aborted] in America, and I prayed, 'God, if you give me a son, if you give me Timmy, I'll raise him to be a preacher,'" he recalled.

Shortly afterwards, Bob and Pam gave birth to their son, their fifth child, after what turned out to be a difficult pregnancy.

"The placenta was never properly attached, and there was bleeding from the get-go," Bob told SI. "We thought we'd lost him several times."

He told the magazine the part of the story that many publications haven't included in their coverage of the ad and the Tebow family -- namely, that Pam contracted amebic dysentery early in the pregnancy and that put her in a temporary coma.

Then, after refusing the abortion, Pam gave birth to Tim on August 14, 1987 and named the baby Timothy Richard Tebow.

"All his life, from the moment he could understand, I told him, 'You're a miracle baby,'" Bob told Sports Illustrated in July 2009. "'God's got a purpose for you, and at some point I think He's going to call you to preach.'

He concluded: "I asked God for a preacher, and he gave me a quarterback."

Jesus we trust in you.
If we have Mary, we posses everything ( St. Griel Possenti )

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