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Threnus Prayer of Saint Augustine

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1 Threnus Prayer of Saint Augustine on Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:48 pm


Blessed Mother, help my unbelief. I trust you. I offer you the Son of God in union with the Mass said throughout the world, for the atonement of my sins.  Please help me be fully contrite for my sins, and console the heart of Your Son.  Amen.

Threnus Prayer of Saint Augustine

If we place before Thy eyes, O Lord, our misdeeds and the wounds we receive, the less we suffer and the greater we merit. We feel the punishment for sin, yet we do not shun our obstinacy in sinning. Our fragile nature is shattered by Thy scourges, yet our evil ways remain unchanged. The sick mind is wrenched and the stiff neck is not bent. Life sighs in pain and yet it does not amend itself. If Thou waiteth, we do not reform, if Thou punisheth, we do not last. When accused, we admit what we have done, yet when punished, we forget. If Thou punisheth, we make promises; if Thou holdeth back the sword, we do not carry out our promises. If Thou strike us, we cry out that Thou might spare us; if Thou sparest us, we again provoke Thee to strike us. If difficulties come, we ask for a time for repentance. If mercy comes to our aid, we abuse the patience which has spared us. Even when our wounds are scarcely healed, our ungrateful mind forgets. If Thou hearest us quickly, we become haughty from mercy. If Thou art slow, we complain out of impatience. We are willing to serve Thee because of what Thou hast done, yet we do not fear to neglect what Thou willst have us do.

Thou hast, O Lord, we guilty who have confessed; be merciful, for Thou art kind and loving. We have known that, unless Thou forgiveth us, Thou shalt justly punish us. But with Thee is much pity and abundant forgiveness. Grant, without any merit on our part, what we ask, O Thou, who hast made from nothing those who ask Thee.

Have mercy on us crying out to Thee, O Lord. May the voice of the faithful and of the tearful stir up Thy mercy. May that forgiveness not consider that we sin, while it reflects on the fact we ask. Since it is a great misery that we are accused, may the fact that we are miserable make Thy mercy be the greater. We beg Thy help, and before Thee we place the evils and sorrows of our crimes. By our prayers we look for Thy mercy, the very mercy which we have spurned by our sins. Raise us up in Thy mercy, o Lord our God, so that in the fellowship of salvation and the joy of charity, while we long to be saved, we may rejoice in the faith and peace of all the nations. Through Christ our Lord ...

Jesus, I trust in You!  

Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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