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Jesus And Mary

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1 Jesus And Mary on Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:36 pm


Well, in our faith, we have two Redeemers.

Jesus the Great Redeemer
Mary the silent humble Redeemer.

Without Mary there is no Jesus. But how much we have to contemplate what this really truly deeply absolutely infinite means. It is tangle within a tangle. For lack of proper words.
An intertwining mystery that unravels as we meditate on this Great Mystery.

Just when you have gotten down pat to a discipline one devotion, another one pops in.
Arrh. Why? Because Jesus and not just Jesus but the whole Trinity of Father Son Holy Spirit
contemplate their Greatest work! Blessed Virgin Mary. How spotless She had to be, How obedient She had to be, How pure She had to be. The list is, it seems endless as far as virtues is concerned of each one She had to maintain and keep in vigilance and perseverance.

I can't even name muchless count the virtues She had to live with and use. All the stuff Eve broke, She had to Fix or cancel.

Both devotions to Jesus and Mary are essential. What is the best way to go about this?
Obviously, we cannot be multi-devoted in one sentence this is not possible, you would have to split yourself in two and thus be deficient by doing this. Half and half is not two wholes.

It is done Through Mary, the Ark. She brings Christ to us.

Any devotions, prayers to the Immaculate Heart, the Immaculate Conception, Virgin Mary, Rosary. I found that when I offer prayers to Jesus, going through Mary, She spruces them up.
Say for instance I go to Adoration, I bring the Mother in front of me and then present all through Her to Him. She cleans them up and brightens them. And She is the Greatest Advocate who Stands between myself and Jesus.

What does this spell, speak, of? More Power for your Buck. My wretched prayers become like Gold butterflies through Mary.

Peace in Christ

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