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Some Common Sense Thinking

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1 Some Common Sense Thinking on Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:55 pm


The pro-aborts, or any one who has no knowledge "How" they came to "Being", have an isolated thinking.
They think, they are, God, and that they can, wisk themselves to life again in some future time.

They live without fear of death. they seem to be Numb, insensitve to others. When their existence is threatened, and when their personal life is being invaded, they jump up and make a lot of noise.
Little demons live in these people. Demons have been exiled to Hell. They've also been loosed on the world.
They obey their god, Satan. Also, they are bored, they helped create all these modern toys. So they truly enjoy
using their inventions. Knowledge comes from God, but the twisted knowledge comes from Satan. Satan took Gods knowledge and created an 'abortion'. Which Jesus calls lies, and falsehood. The father of "lies".

Common sense today is off the beaten path. Their common sense is to sense for themselves how to avoid problems.
But problems keep coming from the left, the right and so forth. They want an untroubled life. Free from troubles. So much so that they only live in a box. A tiny box full of their own ideas. These ideas were sowed over time, by the same like minded people.

Think about this very thing here: when we Catholics go to church to worship Jesus, we make the sign of the cross, this is done to thwart Satan. He comes as and angel of light, deceiving. The appearance of a good angel.

We use the Lustral Waters-Holy Water to sprinkle ourselves upon enterance into the sanctuary and proceed with the sign of the cross, in going and out going.

Common sense to me says, if any place I go does not have a Crucifix, Holy Cross, no Mark of God anywhere and people do not make the sign of the cross, nor do they say Peace in Christ's Name, such as God Bless, the buzz words for Christians, I am in enemy Territory. Plain in simple. They speak a different doctrine, they are concerned with earthly existence working to perfect the world they sacrifice themselves for the worlds good.

Jesus says: "My Kingdom is not of this World", yet for many this is not embedded in the heart and the forehead.

Commons sense to me says, if Jesus says this, I have to look else where. I have to look UP to Heaven.

The first time I read the prayer "Hail Holy Queen" I was trying to understand the meaning. I came across these words, "And after this our exile", I thought about just this word "exile". And it slowly started to come to flourish in my heart and mind. So, much so that I now think of my life in exile on the earth, awaiting the day when my flesh will be no more a burden to my spirit and leave this world to be in Heaven with God ever Eternal.

But, while I still have breath, I must be wise in where my feet thread. Wise as a serpent.

Peace in Christ

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