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Be One. A movie written by Tarek Chidiac. Drama. Telelumiere Noursat

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Dear Tarek,
We are so proud to know you Tarek. We are proud you are a member on Our Lady For Life. It is my prayer EWTN will air your subtitled english movies in the United States of America, so the east and the west will breathe with one lung! May the Virgin Mary hold you tightly in her love! May God bless you!  Cyndi

Be One. Drama.
Source:   http://www.noursat.tv/en/program-details.php?id=1460

Sun 30 Nov 2014, 08:00

When they thought that He reached the end, everything started with His Resurrection. They sowed doubts among people. They arrested and treated with violence whoever witnessed to Him. Will these incidents make them stronger or will they fall back and be afraid in front of torture and death? Will their unity save them?

Written by: Tarek Chidiac
Directed by: Charbel Kamel

Actors: Wafaa Tarabay, Paul Sleiman, George Diab, Michel Nassar, Wassim el- Toum, Zeina Saba and famous Lebanese actors.

Yes, you are welcome here! Embrace life.

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