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St. (Padre) Pio's Feast Day, September 23rd

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1 St. (Padre) Pio's Feast Day, September 23rd on Mon Sep 23, 2013 5:58 pm


. . . Just a reminder that today is the feast day of one of Our Lady For Life's favorite saints - one who is popular throughout the Universal Church and who inspires in us gratitude for God's great gift of mysticism . Why not ask his intercession for some particular intention of ours ? We will definitely receive an answer .

The ensuing is an excerpt taken from page 101 of the book Padre Pio Gleanings by Pascal Cataneo :

The Blaspheming Potter

An old proverb says Better to light a candle than curse the dark ! Curses had been plentiful for some time around a potter from Torre Maggiore because he could not get his furnace started due to the sirocco [a hot humid wind from the southeast]. He was hopping mad ! He was losing money and his living because he could not fire his pottery.

He had almost exhausted his litany of swearwords, curses and blasphemies when he thought he would add Padre Pio's name to the list !  Suddenly a friar came up behind him and said: " Peace be with you ! "  Peace was the last thing on his mind ! He told the friar that he would have no peace as long as the cursed wind kept him from using his furnace. Padre Pio repeated : " Peace be with you ! "

The friar sat down on a crate and asked for some fire. Seeing the potter beside himself with rage, the priest added : "I will light it myself !"  The potter retorted with : " Perhaps you are like that Padre Pio who works miracles for simpletons ?"  The priest replied : " I am Padre Pio ! "  The fire lit up immediately and the potter just had time to hear the friar say before he disappeared : " Don't be afraid, Michael , and stop swearing !"
More can be read on St (Padre) Pio in this same Saints of Blessed Mother  forum and in other posts on OLFL

    " . . . you should know that there is present with you the angel whom God has appointed for each man . . . This angel, who is sleepless and cannot be deceived, is always present with you; he sees all things and is not hindered by darkness. You should know, too, that with him is God " . . .   - St. Anthony the Great   

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