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Video: A 9 year old boy jumped the hurdles to whisper to Pope Francis ...I want to be a priest ..

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This story makes me cry... I love Pope Francis! And I just love the courage of this little boy.. If he were my son, I would whatever it takes on my part, to support him, like a bridge over troubled waters, in order to fulfill his desire to be a priest. You've got to watch the video . . .


While the papal entourage made its way through the picturesque Quinta de Boa Vista park, a nine year old boy wearing a Seleçao soccer jersey, jumped the hurdles and made his way through to the white jeep, where he was received affectionately by Pope Francis, and whispered in the Pontiff’s ear: “I have a very important message for you...I want to become a priest.”

At this point the Pope, visibly moved, clutched him to his chest and told the boy.
Your dream begins to fulfill today. I will pray for you, but you must pray for me.

With trembling legs and his hands over his face, full of emotion and excitement, the young boy returned to his father, happy and even more proud of his son for this unique moment.

All things are possible with God .. ( Happy tears would be embedded here)..

Source: Zenit News Agency

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