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Birth control can involve not just preventing conception, but the destruction of tiny human lives

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"By focusing on pregnancy avoidance, birth control leads to a 'contraceptive mentality.' If a 'failure' occurs (only complete abstinence is 100% effective) the couple will be tempted to abortion. A Guttmacher study showed that most of the women who obtained abortions were using birth control the previous month.

-- Even more serious, birth control can involve not just preventing conception, but the destruction of tiny human lives. Chemical birth control weakens the endometrial lining of the uterus. If conception takes place, the new human life cannot implant. Thus it dies and is expelled at the next menstruation. Birth control not only makes a couple more open to abortion, it is abortion. (This mechanism mentioned is no secret, although doctors seldom explain it to their patients. For verification, check out the description of birth control methods on the Planned Parenthood website: 'Both types of pill can also prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus.' PP does not elaborate what the 'fertilized egg' is.)"

-- Fr. Phil Bloom

The World Health Organization classifies Oral Contraceptives as GROUP 1 CARCINOGENS:
Arrow http://gerardnadal.com/2012/02/15/world-health-organization-data-on-birth-control-pill-and-estrogen-replacement-carcinogenicity/

ABORTIFACIENT: a drug or device used to cause abortion: a biochemical abortifacient in pill form.

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