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The Birth Control Pill is not good for the woman!

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The Birth Control Pill is not good for the woman!

Arrow http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/291514/pill-not-good-women-erika-bachiochi

Arrow The birth control pill is a carcinogen
and women are expected to take this pill for 2/3 of her fertility years.
Arrow Women take the risk of making the decision to have an abortion, not the man, and women suffer the post traumatic stressful disorder from their repetitive decision to abort the child. In addition she bears the burden to parent the child alone.
Arrow There's an increase risk of STD's when women take the birth control pill.
Arrow When the woman takes the birth control pill, she suffers from an increase risk of infertility loss and cervical cancer.

Arrow What is a carcinogen?

Cancer is caused by changes in a cell's DNA – its genetic "blueprint." Some of these changes may be inherited from our parents, while others may be caused by outside exposures, which are often referred to as environmental factors. Environmental factors can include a wide range of exposures, such as:

* Lifestyle factors (nutrition, tobacco use, physical activity, etc.)
* Naturally occurring exposures (ultraviolet light, radon gas, infectious agents, etc.)
* Medical treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, immune system-suppressing drugs, etc.)
* Workplace exposures
* Household exposures
* Pollution

Substances and exposures that can lead to cancer are called carcinogens. Some carcinogens do not affect DNA directly, but lead to cancer in other ways. For example, they may cause cells to divide at a faster than normal rate, which could increase the chances that DNA changes will occur.

Carcinogens do not cause cancer in every case, all the time. Substances labeled as carcinogens may have different levels of cancer-causing potential. Some may cause cancer only after prolonged, high levels of exposure. And for any particular person, the risk of developing cancer depends on many factors, including how they are exposed to a carcinogen, the length and intensity of the exposure, and the person's genetic makeup.

Read more here Arrow http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/CancerCauses/OtherCarcinogens/GeneralInformationaboutCarcinogens/known-and-probable-human-carcinogens[/url]

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