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Focolare Movement in Lebanon

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1 Focolare Movement in Lebanon on Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:12 pm



The Focolare charism is a universal charism, approved by the Holy Father in the Catholic Church.

Focolare Movement in Lebanon - info.lebanon@focolare.org

Bishops of various Churches in Lebanon and Syria

They will meet Church leaders and Christians communities in both countries, and religious leaders of the Sunni, Shi’a and Druse Muslims in Lebanon. The event has been organised by the Bishops friends of the Focolare, from Lebanon and other countries.


“This year our Bishop friends from all over the world have decided to come to Lebanon, to get to know Lebanon’s “message”, something they have heard so much about, from the inside, and also to share with us their spirit of hope and unity.” So said Bishops George Scandar, George Kwaiter and Semaan Atallah, all from Lebanon

Lebanon is hosting the 27th international ecumenical meeting of Bishops friends of the Focolare Movement. They are attending from 16 countries in 4 continents, from Australia to India, from Brazil to the USA, from Europe and the Middle East. They represent sixteen different Churches, including the Ancient Eastern Churches, the Orthodox Churches, Catholics, Evangelical-Lutherans, and Anglicans. They are meeting at the “Maison Notre Dame du Mont (Saidat et Jabal)” in Fatka –Jounieh from September 16 to 23, for a meeting that the Lebanese Bishops have described as, “special and unique”.

For nearly thirty years, a group of Bishops friends of the Focolare Movement from various Churches have conveyed this message of unity and fraternity, as a beneficial way for healing conflicts between people and between cultures, and to restore to humanity the harmony for which God created it.”

Each year the Bishops choose to bring their message to a different Country, but mostly they are there to learn, understand and listen to the challenges faced by different peoples and different Churches, each one of them in their own cultural context. This year is the turn of Lebanon.

The Programme. During the programme, besides the many sessions of reflection and communion on the Word (the event is entitled, “And the word was made flesh...”), at Notre Dame du Mont, the Bishops taking part will hear the witness of the Lebanese Bishops and numerous committed lay people. They will visit the various Patriarchates, and Muslim religious leaders, and they will briefly visit Damascus in the steps of St Paul, where they will meet the Patriarchs based there.

“These Bishops have no agenda”, say the Lebanese Bishops, “their visit is not attempting to make a particular statement. They usually renew among them, every year, what they call The Pact of Unity, when each Bishop promises his brother Bishop to be ready to give his life for him, loving the other’s Church as much as his own. This new idea, inspired by the ideal of the early Christian communities, is something which brings a great hope for unity among Christians, and also for friendship between peoples. The experiences lived in recent years in Prague, Bucharest, Istanbul etc., have been very fruitful. We hope that Lebanon will be able to welcome this initiative with its characteristic hospitality.”

Press conference – The appointment with journalists, promoted jointly by the commission of visiting Bishops and the commission of Lebanese Bishops, was held on Tuesday September 16 at 12.00 at Notre Dame du Mont, open to all reporters from Lebanon (newspapers, radio and TV). The journalists are invited to attend some of the sessions of the meeting (the introduction on Wednesday 17th, the open meeting for all Lebanese Bishops on Friday 19th ) and to join the visits that will take place: to the Maronite Patriarchate at Bkerké; to Notre Dame du Liban and The Pauline fathers at Harissa; to the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate at Bzoummar; to the Greek Orthodox monastery at Deir el Harf; to the Armenian Orthodox Catholicossat at Bikfaya; to the Higher Council of the Evangelical Churches at Naccache; to the Marian Shrine at Maghdouchi; to Tyre, in the steps of St Paul, and to Beirut with Muslim religious leaders.

“All the country’s religious leaders, Christian and Muslim, have shown enthusiasm for this special encounter, and look forward to these visits with joy.”

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