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this is why I cannot and will not be silent

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1 this is why I cannot and will not be silent on Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:30 pm



We don't want you to be silent - speak as loudly as you want to - yell from the rooftops okpeople and share this beautiful truth... God bless you Phillie!!! blessyou clapping

Linda hug3


I offer my support and prayers...

I too do not want you to be silent....
May we all focus completely on the fight for our dear unborn children...

Linda, and Philomena....Thank you, thank you for your hard work on their behalf



hug3 Nike, thank you... it is precisely yours and others support and prayers that gives us the courage we need to be able to speak out; we can not do it without your prayers and support... rose

5 This is why I can't be silent (also) on Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:58 pm



rose You have my full support Philomena. rose I look forward to viewing photos of all your children.

In 2002, when my full term baby Linda Victoria Love was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, the insurance company immediately lowered her comfort levels. They did not know how long she would live was their primary complaint. Besides, she was diagnosed terminal. Therefore the Catholic hospital would not turn on her heat lamp, as the other ill infants lamps were on in the neonatal care unit.

Needless to say, I firmly believe that if the FOCA passes, we will face an enormous rude realization that we've lowered the dignity of the human being. God please teach us Your ways now. It's never too late to learn how much He truly values us and demonstrate it to those we love.

Having stated that, I fully respect you Philomena. You are a holy witness and you encourage me to be faithful to my duties and to my vocation. I look forward to reading more of your spiritual insight's that will lead us to respond, respond to Almighty God.

May the Lord bless you.
For Our Lady of Victory


That was touching Phillie! Beautiful little girl.

Cyndi, sorry to hear about your little one....

Did anyone watch "The Journey Home" last night on EWTN?

It was a Jewish man who converted to Catholicism - the pro-life issue brought him there.



God Loves you all for your efforts in this fight! Thank You!

In Jesus and Gospa, Please PRAY!!


Lumen Christi posted this video under Coffeehouse... This video says it all... heart

Johnny the Bagger

Thank you Lumen rose

Linda praying


thank you so much for your positive response to this thread! OLOV, it is the Down Syndrome community that deserves respect, not I, but thank you anyway. Deep inside, they are exactly like us...same thoughts, same feelings, same everything. The above video posted by Lumen and Linda shows the great gift they bring into the world, sublime and perfect.
Here is Elliot, alive for only 99 days. But see the love and community he brought out of so many!
Everyone has a purpose in life. Everyone.




Believe you deserve respect, Philomena. The elderly and the dying are prime targets for euthanasia in the USA. We've seen the warning signs 25 years ago. That means YOU are next. P.S. Thanks for the video - a powerful presentation.

Here is another video dedicated to those who with children who died from Trisomy.

My full term baby, Linda Victoria Love lived for 18 days; diagnosis Trisomy 13. The Church called her a victim soul. Most of my immediate family (anti Catholics) converted to the Catholic Church shortly after she died. I reverted. That is rare and it indicates baby Linda Victoria Love is a powerful intercessor for souls against Catholicism and for souls who want to come back to the Catholic Church and souls who want to see an increase in conversion to be Christ like.

You will see a photo of a Trisomy 13 baby in this video.

A Video dedicated to parents of Trisomy children

Time: 3:49 minutes


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You are welcome here! Embrace Life.

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