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What is resurrection? ( Pope Benedict XVI )

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1 What is resurrection? ( Pope Benedict XVI ) on Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:01 pm


What is the resurrection? It does not form part of our experience, and so the message often remains to some degree beyond our understanding. The Church tries to help us understand it by expressing this mysterious event in the language of symbols in which we can somehow contemplate this astonishing event.

First of all, there is light. Where there is light, life is born, chaos can be transformed into cosmos. The resurrection of Jesus is an eruption of light. With the resurrection, the Lord’s day enters the nights of history. This Light alone - Jesus Christ - is the true light, something more than the physical phenomenon of light. He is pure Light: God himself, who causes a new creation to be born in the midst of the old, transforming chaos into cosmos.

Let us pray to the Lord that the fragile flame of the candle he has lit in us, the delicate light of his word and his love amid the confusions of this age, will not be extinguished in us, but will become ever stronger and brighter, so that we, with him, can be people of the day, bright star lighting up our time.

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