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"choice" by Phillis Ce

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1 "choice" by Phillis Ce on Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:32 pm


I got this in my E-mail

Please send this message to all in your address book and please print it out for your friends who have no computer.

"Choice is no longer relevant or applicable to the abortion movement!

The pro-choice movement is dead. The pro-choice feminists groups killed their own movement.

Now we know that the pro-choice groups that piously claim a woman must have the choice to do what she wants with her body are lying to us. They are showing their true colors. We are being conned.

What they really mean is that "choice" means abortion only; there is no other "choice".

Bravo to Tim Tebow’s mother Pam for talking about her "choice" and therefore bringing to light the feminists groups meaning of "Choice".

This revelation should shake up all of us, especially those who have nobly claimed "I am pro-life. I, myself wouldn’t have an abortion but I wouldn’t deny a woman of her "choice" with her body". Now you know you aren’t supporting "Choice", a women’s right to choose life or death; only death.

Phyllis Ce


You are welcome here! Embrace Life.

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