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New Commission to be formed on Medjugorje

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1 New Commission to be formed on Medjugorje on Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:49 pm


Very good news. This article may interest you.

New Commission to be formed on Medjugorje
Source: http://www.vecernji-list.hr/newsroom/news/croatia/592082/index.do
Translation given below:


The Church has decided to studiously review the events at Medjugorje and a new Commission will decide.

The Catholic Church is starting a new commission that will look into the Medjugorje events. This sums up what Cardinal Vinko Puljic, president of the Bosnia and Hercegovina Bishops Conference and Archbishop of Sarajevo, said to reporters at the end of the Bishops conference held July12-14, 2006 in Banja Luka. This announcement surprised many, because Medjugorje was not even one of the topics discussed at the meeting. On top of that, it is well know that the Church will not take a definite position about the Medjugorje phenomenon while it is still going on, and even more well known is the position of the bishop of Mostar, who time and again has claimed that there are no apparitions of the Mother of God in his diocese.

The request from the Vatican for a new commission will reanalyze the position of the bishops taken in the 1991 Zadar declaration, by which "it cannot be determined that anything supernatural is happening there"? It cannot ignore what is happening in Medjugorje and has been insisting for over a half a year that something be done.

The Medjugorje phenomenon has had effects all over the world, there are more and more pilgrims from the entire world coming in throngs to the small village in Hercegovina and are praying to the Mother of God. The commission will be put together by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, even though the normal practice is for this kind of commission to be established by the local bishop. But, because of the negative position of Bishop Ratko Peric, the commission will be international in order for it to be completely objective and neutral. It will probably consist of two teams that will have clear jurisdiction and orders.

Holy Place

The Holy See has decided to take Medjugorje into its own hands and finally decide whether Medjugorje is an official shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary where people come not only privately but with the official recommendation of the Church, or a "normal" place of prayer in which nothing supernatural has occurred.

"I was very happy to hear the news that Cardinal Vinko Puljic announced," said Father Petar Ljubicic, who is the priest that will announce the secrets of Medjugorje when the time comes. "We have been expecting this for a long time. The Cardinal said that the Holy See, that is the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, will name a new commission that will analyze and look into what has already been happening in Medjugorje for 25 years. Since I was a priest in Medjugorje and have followed the events since the beginning, I am very happy that it will now be looked into more seriously."

Serious study

Father Petar said, "As for the previous commissions, that looked into the events, I can say that some members were open and serious theologians, who were specialists in spirituality and had studied mystical experiences, but there were also other individuals who were not serious about the events and never actually came to Medjugorje. I ask myself how they could give an opinion of up until now, they can not be certain of anything supernatural?. Some on the council rejected even that apparitions were possible at all. That greatly confused me. The need was felt a long time ago for the Holy See to take the whole matter in its own hands.

God bless you.

Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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